Miyerkules, Disyembre 12, 2012

Discover Trap.ph/ik

Live Traffic Update and Monitoring at Trap.ph/ik is now available in Metro Manila.

Metro Manila can now access data about real time road congestion in any major roads like EDSA, Quezon Avenue, EspaƱa, C5, Roxas Boulevard, SLEX, Commonwealth, Ortigas, Marcos Highway, Ayala Avenue, Buendia, Makati Avenue etc. — right on Trap.ph/ik Website.

As part of their ongoing efforts to give Filipinos with the most updated, accurate and easy-to-use traffic monitoring maps, they launched the website this year. Today, we are happy to announce that traffic update in all major roads will now be available, and we hope this will make Trap.ph/ik even more useful for Metro Manila motorists — especially for daily commuters and motorists in Metro Manila area.

Trap.ph/ik gives real time data about road congestion right on its homepage in order to help users find the easiest way to their respective target location as quickly as possible. They shows colors such as — RED for Heavy (bumper-to-bumper traffic), YELLOW for Moderate (slow traffic movement), and GREEN for Light (free flowing traffic) so users will be aware on the level of congestion they are about to face in those areas.

The traffic data they are showing on Trap.ph/ik comes from reputable sources, including government departments of transportation, and Twitter users who contribute anonymous speed information through our traffic crowdsourcing feature. You can be a member of Trap.ph/ik by simply signing up or logging-in with facebook that gives you the chance to create your own route and the estimated travel time that depends on the traffic situation in the roads you are going to traverse. You may also share it on Facebook or tweet it on Twitter. Traffic data is refreshed every few minutes with the most recent known conditions. Trap.ph/ik aims to continue providing fresh, accurate and easy to use information for your planned and daily destinations. Find out more by visiting their homepage.

To explore and plan your journey before stepping out, go to Trap.ph/ik website at http://trap.ph/