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Discover ZizBang

What is ZizBang?

Zizbang is the latest addition on the long list of the social-networking site. What makes it a standout is that it encompasses both social network and review website. If you think, you can only review and rate a website, you’re absolutely wrong. In fact, you can review other profiles of users from other social-networking sites and other dating site. It’s set to build a reputation on giving guidance on the new users who are not familiar on a certain site.

This is the place where members review and rate other websites and the profiles of people on social network sites (like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and dating sites (like Match, eHarmony. etc.). It empowers the members by giving a place to express your thoughts and experiences to others from any website or even any person with a profile on the major dating and social networks. It has a platform to see what others have said about a particular website or person. No wonder that it's hailed as the Website of for the year 2012, and included in Top Ten Websites to Watch in 2013.

For New Visitors
An overview of Zizbang Website and Profile Review

For you to begin creating reviews and rating with ZizBang, you have to Join and create account. Signing up requires users to fill up following information such as email address, and password. You are also asked for Username that you want and the time zone in your place. After the giving the security code, agreed to the Terms of Service by ZizBang, you will be transferred on the next set of ”Create Your Profile” form where you need to give your Full Name, Birthday, Gender, Address, Contact Number and the URL of your website.

Afterwards, you have to upload a photo to be placed together with your profile details (You can skip it, if you want upload to upload your picture after.)

Find Your Friends section comes after. You can invite or trace your friends from other networking sites like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, hi5, orkut, and LinkedIn or you can simply invite them by typing their email address. 

After inviting and adding friends, the signup process is over. ZizBang will send their verification mail to the email address provided during the signup. Once it was verified you are now a ZizBang Member.

After logging in, you are able to view what are the latest happening and event on Zizbang. Like the latest status updates of the members, badges earned by other members, group created, new friend connections and the latest members who also signed up.

You can follow other members by clicking the “plus” button. You can read their reviews, give them thumbs up, thumbs down or bogus. You can also share those reviews on facebook trough the share button at the side of the review.

If you want to know further about the website and the most reviewed website, you can simply click the “Most Rated Website” to view the website that has been reviewed more than once. For example, you are looking for the latest iPhone reviews. You can search for more specific keywords like "technology".

Posting a Review

You will provide the URL of the website in the text box that you want to make review, and identify it if it’s a person or a website. Press “continue” button once you are done.

You can click on the stars to provide rating.
1st Star = 1 Star
2nd Star = 2 Stars
3rd Star = 3 Stars
4th Star = 4 Stars
5th Star = 5 Stars

Then give your review a title, and your review with 1,500 characters as its maximum limit. Don’t forget to place the tags on your review.

Badges to Collect

ZizBang created a badge-collecting system that allows members to earn badges for everything they do. Members earned points for publishing their reviews, inviting others to join in the site, and just about anything you do to participate on the site. Overall, ZizBang Badges are highly motivational. If you need a reason to join the ZizBang community in addition to website promotion, the badge-collecting system is encouraging and provides plenty of warm fuzzy feelings along the way.

Here are the Badges you should start working out.

Novice = after your first review.

Avant-garde = you have posted a minimum of five reviews.

Explorer = you have posted a minimum of ten reviews.

Promoter = you have posted a minimum of 25 reviews.

Commentator = you have posted a minimum of 50 reviews.

Expert = you have posted a minimum of 100 reviews.

Reviewer = you have posted 3 reviews in a week.

Poster = you have posted 10 reviews in a month.

Solitary = A badge after the first friend invite to ZizBang.

Linker = you have invited a minimum of 10 people.

Mediator = you have invited a minimum of 20 people.

Porter = you have invited a minimum of 30 people.

Bidder = you have invited a minimum of 40 people.

Networker = you have invited a minimum of 50 people.

Super Networker = you have invited a minimum of 100 people.

Toolbar User = you have downloaded the ZizBang Toolbar.


One of the cool features of this website is having a chat room where you can chat with other members who are currently online. You can also discover new friends and establish groups by being active in the chat room. 


There are several groups in ZizBang were registered members can join anytime. New users will benefit in this group on the knowledge tips and other news regarding the group category.

With these activities, you can enjoy at ZizBang, it’s clear that it will be the next big social media platform and soon underpinning Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. You can do business at ZizBang with ease while baking and cooking.

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